Natural origins, direct from the source

Peter and Sharon McIntyre are a fifth-generation farming family with a farm set deep in the stunning South Island of New Zealand. Amongst the unspoiled, pristine landscapes of the South Island, the deer are free to graze and roam across vast open fields. Nestled in their tranquil surroundings, the deer are nurtured year-round, producing the world’s most unique and precious milk.

Pāmu Deer Milk is a brand new taste experience, delighting customers around the world

Pāmu Deer Milk is an exclusive and rare ingredient. Rich in protein and high in fat, Pāmu Deer Milk has a delicate and deliciously creamy taste that leaves a silky mouthfeel.

Pāmu Deer Milk is for the discerning chef who is looking to create unique standout dishes. It is extremely versatile and offers chefs the ability to renew the classics and also pioneer to create new luxurious dishes for their customers.

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A personal-care super milk, from Pāmu 

Pāmu Deer Milk is a brand new super milk. Produced by Pāmu, New Zealand's largest deer farmer. With access to the best natural resources New Zealand has to offer, Pāmu is able to produce innovative, sustainable, premium, natural products for our consumers, with the security of supply.

Pāmu Deer Milk is a world-first ingredient that has proven efficacy within cosmetic applications. It all started with a milking technologist, who had very rough, dry and callused hands. After cleaning the deer milk filters at the end of each day she noticed how soft her hands had become and how much her nails had strengthened.

Personal-care properties of Pāmu Deer Milk

  • High levels of fat and protein, which are the essential building blocks of healthy skin
  • High in vitamin A, B2, C
  • Rich in minerals containing zink, selenium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus
  • High in sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine
  • High levels of GM3 and GD3 gangliosides present


The perfect ingredient for functional and high-value nutritional applications

Pāmu Deer Milk is a nutritionally superior milk powder, produced in New Zealand.

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