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Pāmu team mince recipes reach foodbanks

30 November 2023

It's exciting to announce that the first staff recipe cards are now going out with food boxes in Taupō Foodbank as part of our Meat the Need sponsorship.

Earlier this year Pāmu donated $25,000 to Meat the Need for 23,121 mince meals to go out in foodbanks. We ran a competition and challenged our farm teams to send through your best mince meal. It had to be delicious, affordable, filling, and simple, with ingredients you would find in your kitchen.

Meat the Need chose the top recipes and are all now going out in boxes. And here are some of the winning recipes! 

Meat the Need is dedicated to NZ farmers feeding NZ families. The organisation works with farmers, processers, and established foodbanks and missions to get mincemeat to families who face food uncertainty.

A great reminder to all of us how we are involved in supporting our communities in many different ways.

The original article is here.