Our Farms

Our farms are in the lush green lowlands and wide-open high country of New Zealand, stretching from the Far North to the deep South. The air is crisp and fresh, the water pure and the land unspoiled. On these landscapes, our animals roam, feed and thrive freely on a 100% plant diet. 

We recognise our role as guardians of the land and are leading the way in sustainable farming to protect and enhance the environment. Innovation flourishes on our farms as we deliver to the world premium natural food and fibre products – the finest, naturally.

Our Farmers

Our farmers take genuine pride in their jobs by caring for the land in traditional ways, truly caring for their animals, staying close to nature and respecting their role as guardians for generations yet to come. Our farmers are the pick of the crop and take pride in delivering the finest natural products to customers worldwide. With a proud heritage of farming, we farm with conviction, hard work and respect.

James Van Bohemen, Rangitaiki Station

"I’d come from town, I wasn’t from a farm. I was working on a farm as a uni placement and I was presented with an opportunity to farm. I loved it. The opportunity to manage Rangitaiki Station is a real privilege. This station offers both scale and complexity working with a team of people who are prepared to challenge and be innovative. The agricultural industry is a significant industry with so many different systems and ways of farming – each shaped around utilising the resource in the most sustainable manner."

John Hallgarth, Kapiro Station

"Being part of a larger group of farms means Kapiro can work in with the other farms as needed. Our environment here (Northland) adds a whole new dimension to farming… we just love seeing all the wildlife around and the mix of trees for shelter and conservation."

Travis Leslie, Kepler Farm

We treat the farm like our family farm, and it's our home. Farms belong to New Zealand and it is nice to think that one day farmland could be seen in the way national parks are. The next ten years or so are going to be a great time to be farming. Balancing production and environment will take a whole new skill set and attitude change.”

Cattle Farming

Our naturally raised beef can be found on tables around the world. We offer premium, hand-selected grass fed prime steer, which is produced from predominantly Angus and Simmental sired cattle. Certified GMO and hormone free, our grass fed beef is a leaner choice and provides the health benefits of good essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids.

Deer Farming 

Pāmu venison is always popular on the menu. It’s easy to work with, is available fresh year-round and comes with our guarantee of quality and provenance. Every cut is consistent in specification and flavour. Our venison is buttery with a gentle richness, with less fat and more antioxidant vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids than comparable cuts. Pāmu venison is the finest quality lean meat, it delivers fantastic yield with little or no waste.

Purchase our premium Pāmu venison products today by contacting the teams at Carve, Duncan or Broadleaf.

Organic Farms

Our approach to organic farming is setting the standard for premium natural foods that are healthier for consumers and the environment. We take a holistic view towards organic farming, making sure every aspect of our processes meets strict standards; from the fertiliser to the feed. Our organic farms are free of antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Each of our Pāmu organic farms undergoes a robust certification process to verify credentials. We’re open about how we run things and guarantee the traceability and origin of our products. Exceptionally high quality, absolutely natural and with proven provenance – that’s our promise. We are proud to be a member of Organics Aotearoa New Zealand.

Integrated Farm Forestry

Pāmu has a 30-year history of planting commercial forestry. Through the implementation of Land & Environment Plans across the Pāmu portfolio, the focus since 2010 has seen farming and forestry as complementary land use on many of our properties. Forests have been planted to improve the sustainability of the Pāmu farming properties. In addition, these forests provide stock shade and shelter, protect the land from erosion and enhance biodiversity and stream water quality.

Our goal for the next ten years (2020–2029) is to get the greatest value from the land whilst ensuring we meet environmental and biodiversity targets. As we implement the Land & Environment Plans we will be planting between 1,000 and 2,000 hectares of commercial forestry a year for the next 10 years, starting in 2021. We will utilise marginal land that is prone to erosion, where we can generate a return, without impacting the profitability of the farm, and we can sequester carbon under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).