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At Pāmu our dedication to animal health and welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We’re trialling innovative technologies in the form of virtual fencing and real-time health monitoring. Through testing and strategic partnerships, we're revolutionising animal care, enhancing productivity, and ensuring sustainable practices for the future. 

We’re committed to the wellbeing of our animals, complying with welfare codes and continuous training for our team. All of our farms have updated animal health plans aimed at minimising disease and maximising productivity. We assess shade and shelter provisions and conduct comprehensive health and welfare reviews, driving continuous improvement year after year. 

Our treatment programmes are ethical and compliant, supported by enhanced disease prevention management practices aimed at reducing future disease risk. Selected Pāmu employees are trained by veterinarians to administer veterinary medicines safely and responsibly. Regular audits take place to make sure every necessary step is being taken. 

At Pāmu, we believe that by caring for our animals, we're not just ensuring their wellbeing; we're nurturing a sustainable future for all.