Pāmu Farms of New Zealand has announced that Dr Alison Dewes, currently a member of Pāmu’s Environmental Reference Group (ERG), will be joining the company as Head of Environment.

Dr Dewes is a second generation veterinarian and fifth-generation farmer, who has been a key member of the ERG since its inception two years ago. She is also a respected commentator on animal health and environmental issues in the agricultural sector.

Peter Simone , General Manager of People, Health and the Environment says it is very exciting to have someone of Alison’s calibre joining Pāmu to head up the environment team at the company.

“The way we manage the environmental impacts of our operations is of paramount importance to Pāmu. Alison brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to ensuring that our whole approach to farming keeps the environment front and centre.”

Dr Dewes says the environmental impact of how Pāmu farms is a key business focus which is vitally important to the future health and prosperity of the company.

“As New Zealand’s largest pastoral farmer, there is a responsibility to be a leader in the environmental space, including carefully piloting new ideas, and ultimately, doing the right thing.

“I am enthusiastic about what Pāmu is doing. The advances that have been made even in the time I have been on the ERG have been enormous. They take their environmental responsibilities seriously, and have a genuine commitment to stewardship of the resources they have under their control.” 

“I am really looking forward to joining the company and further driving sustainable environmental management at Pāmu, and in a manner that actually improves the company’s longer term profitability,” Dr Dewes says.

Dr Dewes completed a Masters of Science in 2015 focused on how Upper Waikato dairy farms can be profitable while achieving the lowest possible environmental impact. She has previously worked for Nestle Australia in Business Development & Quality Assurance, Commonwealth Bank in lending, and managed Intelact Australia. She has skills in animal health and nutrition, agricultural business performance, adult education, policy and ecosystem health. She was elected to the NZ Veterinary
Board in 2015. She was a finalist for the NZI sustainability champion in 2014, received a commendation for community impact for her work with farmers, and was a finalist in the 2015 Women of Influence Awards in Public Policy.

Dr Dewes will join Pāmu on 8 January 2018.