US online retail giant Huckberry have enlisted the help of Pāmu Farms of New Zealand Station Managers Graham and Tracy Sinnamon to help promote Glerups shoes, a Scandinavian slipper made from New Zealand wool.

A video featuring the couple has been launched on as part of a new supply deal
between the online retailer and Glerups. The video showcases the natural beauty of New Zealand
and highlights the connection between the growers and end users of New Zealand wool.

Huckberry is an independent online retailer for “guys who love adventure”. Over a million, active
professionals use Huckberry to source emerging brands, gear, and lifestyle inspiration.

The Sinnamon’s manage Pāmu’s Meringa Station in the Central North Island and supply wool to
Glerups through a contract with The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM).

Having a strong passion for wool, the Sinnamon’s jumped at the opportunity to promote Pāmu wool
fibre and the New Zealand industry to a global audience.

“We consider ourselves very lucky to farm in this environment and enjoy seeing where our wool
goes and how it is used – it is great to be able to share that, not only with friends and family but now
a much larger audience,” Mr Sinnamon said.

Pāmu CEO Steve Carden explained that they have been supplying wool to Glerups for the last few
years, a relationship made possible through the establishment of their Pāmu brand and a
partnership with NZM.

“Our Pāmu brand captures the quality of our farming and allows us to enter partnerships that
connect what we produce with high value consumers around the world. This is a great example of
our Pāmu strategy in action,” Mr Carden said.

Glerups founder Nanny Glerup and Director Jesper Glerup Kristensen visited New Zealand earlier in
the year to meet with the growers of Pāmu wool.

"The fact that Nanny and Jesper were out here, visiting the farms and our growers, shows it actually
is a relationship. It’s not often a farmer gets the chance to meet their customers and see where their
product ends up," Mr Carden said.

Mr Kristensen said, surging popularity of the shoes worldwide had led the company to seek a new
supplier of quality strong wool and New Zealand was the obvious choice.

“Pāmu growers share the same values we do – a commitment to quality and integrity. People who
buy our shoes are after more than something to keep your feet warm and comfortable. They’re also
buying into a more relaxed and values-based lifestyle. It’s incredibly important to our customers
along with the exceptional craftsmanship of the shoes,” he said.

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