Photo: Winner of the 2017/18 Calf & Rural Scheme Photo Competition - Nyla Lauridsen from Te Awamutu. Nyla (7) took the photo of her sister Evie (3) while feeding the calves with Mum. Photo is used with permission from IHC.

Pāmu has made a ten thousand dollar donation to IHC to support its Calf and Rural Scheme.

Pāmu has been a regular donator to the IHC, which picks up weaned calves from Pāmu farms and sells them at sales yards, with all proceeds going to support IHC programmes. 

For the first time in 33 years, IHC have suspended aspects of the Calf and Rural Scheme due to the risk posed by Mycoplasma Bovis (M. Bovis).

Pāmu General Manager of dairy operations Mark Julian says Pāmu was determined to ensure it continued to support the worthwhile fundraising event, despite the restrictions that M. Bovis placed on the IHC fundraiser this year.

“While our farms can’t provide calves this year, we are very proud to continue to support the charity with a cash donation, equivalent to what the calves would have raised for IHC.  

“Pāmu has many connections to the communities surrounding our farms and it’s important for us to give back to those communities that support us day to day. 

“The IHC Calf and Rural Scheme has a strong alignment with our Pāmu values. Over the past four years, Pāmu has donated over $40,000 worth of calves to IHC. This has largely been from our Moutoa Farm in Horowhenua and the Wairakei Pastoral dairy complex in the Central North Island, along with donations from other Pāmu Farms around the country,” Mr Julian said.  

The Calf and Rural Scheme is a long-standing IHC fundraising programme that generates more than $1 million annually for people with intellectual disabilities. IHC provides up to $30,000 a year to each of the 33 local associations many in rural communities supporting local families of children with intellectual disabilities, and funding for the IHC ‘Take a Break’ programme for families, as well as the IHC library. 

IHC fundraising goes towards:

  • Supporting families and children with intellectual disabilities;
  • Funding local Volunteer Associations to provide Advocacy and support to families in need across New Zealand;
  • Advocacy for all New Zealanders with intellectual disabilities;
  • Supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live satisfying lives in the community;
  • Maintaining New Zealand’s most comprehensive library on information relating to intellectual disability;
  • Enhancing the living environments of IHC’s 850 homes and other facilities throughout the country.


About Pāmu

Pāmu is the brand name for Landcorp, a State-owned Enterprise. Pāmu is New Zealand’s largest farming company and. It is also the name given to the quality products created by the company. Pāmu produces high quality milk, lamb, beef, venison and wool products from its 125 farms spread throughout the country.

Pāmu is the Māori word ‘to farm’ and reflects the deep connection New Zealanders have with the land, borne from respect, and a genuine desire to protect and enhance the environments in which the company works. It’s a proud provenance that stands behind every product bearing the Pāmu name.

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