Pāmu has committed to upgrading the insulation in its South Island farmhouses and all new house stock with insulation produced with recycled wool.

Pāmu has over 500 houses on farms across New Zealand, housing its workers and their families, and Chief Executive Steve Carden says it is important that all homes are well insulated.

“As landlords, we are committed to ensuring our staff accommodation is well insulated against the extreme weather many of our farm housing experiences.”

“We have completed a full insulation assessment across our housing portfolio in line with the obligations under the Residency Tenancies Act, to ensure our houses fully meet the standards of the Act.

“As we did our assessment and found houses that some houses did need to be insulated and others upgraded, we decided to insulate with wool. Wool’s benefits are significant and environmental impact is minimal and it was a no brainer, particularly as a company that farms a lot of wool.

“Our relationship with Christchurch company Terra Lana will see the current upgrade programme and all future insulation undertaken by Pāmu done with recycled wool.”

The first wool insulation was fitted to three farm houses on Pāmu’s Waimakariri farm this month.

“Committing to insulation with wool is another a step on our way to becoming a truly sustainable businesses. It follows stopping the use of palm kernel extract (PKE) on our farms, and our ongoing drive to fence our waterways across all our farms, and reduced fertiliser use across our farm network. ”

Pāmu is also working with Terra Lana and their partner T&R Interior Systems on high tech acoustic panels launched this month, which will use Pāmu supplied wool.

“Wool is an exciting product - from woollen surf boards to woollen insulation, wools sustainability and biodegradable properties are very appealing as we create products and experiences for a new breed of environmentally conscious consumer,” Mr Carden said.

Brad Stuart, Terra Lana National Sales Manager said the company was proud to be working with Pāmu to insulate farm houses.

“As a local business we are proud to be working with Pāmu to provide our sustainable, environmentally friendly, premium performing wool insulation to their farms.

“We are passionate about the unique qualities of wool to make superior products to enhance the comfort and health of New Zealand homes. Now more than ever is the time to adapt healthier and environmentally friendly practices to ensure we maintain a planet that is fit for future generations,” Mr Stuart said.

Wool insulation is becoming an important category for New Zealand’s strong wool sector, says John Brakenridge, CEO of the New Zealand Merino Company.

“With people now spending up to 90 percent of their lives indoors, homes and workplaces have got to be healthy. We must bring nature indoors. I commend Pāmu for taking pride in the fibre they produce and taking care of the people who produce it,” Mr Brakenridge said.


Editor’s notes:

Properties of wool insulation:

  • Sustainable & Renewable resource – readily available in New Zealand.
  • Wool is Hygroscopic, it ‘breathes’. It absorbs and releases moisture. Homes are drier & require less energy to heat in winter and cool in summer.
  • Premium performance – The complex nature of wool fibre means it stands the test of time and doesn’t slump like other synthetic insulation options. Terra Lana wool insulation is long lasting premium performance and carries a 50 year guarantee.
  • Environmentally friendly – Terra Lana wool insulation made from recycled pre-consumer wool that would otherwise end up in landfill. Blended with non-toxic recycled polyester made from PET bottles. All of our off cuts produced during the manufacturing & installation process are recycled back into new insulation.
  • Detoxifying – Wool has the unique ability to absorb toxins such as formaldehyde from the air around it.
  • Natural & Safe – Wool is a natural fibre and Terra Lana wool insulation is 100% non-toxic and is safe to handle without protective clothing or mask. Terra Lana is Declare certified and RED List Free.
  • Quieter choice - Terra Lana wool insulation has an excellent acoustic performance due to the outstanding sound absorbing properties of wool fibre.


Pāmu: Simon King 021 242 5723

Terra Lana: Lara Smith 020 4163 6864