Taupō dairy processor Miraka has recently announced two new strategic partnerships as part of its focus on specialty dairy products. The partnerships are with State-Owned Enterprise Pāmu and Māori-owned dairy processor Waiū Dairy.

“At Miraka we make decisions for the long-term. Partnering with Pāmu and Waiū Dairy, who both share our values around kaitiakitanga and innovation, is an incredible opportunity to work together with like-minded organisations to build the presence of specialty New Zealand dairy products in the international market” says Miraka CEO Grant Watson. “These partnerships will enable us to share production capacity while giving access to new customers. It also gives us the flexibility to produce a broader range of niche products” says Grant.

“Pamū is really excited to be entering a new phase in our relationship with Miraka” says Sarah Risell GM of Pamū Foods. “Sharing Pāmu’s farm and production synergies with Miraka means we can be more nimble in our approach to our markets and offer a stronger connection back to the farm – bringing customers closer to the source of their food. Finding commercial opportunities that harness the shared strengths of Miraka and Pāmu has huge potential for both companies. Our growing partnership with Miraka and others is aimed at bringing more benefit, including export dollars, back to Aotearoa” says Sarah.

“A key focus for Waiū is to provide on-going employment and prosperity for our local community,” says Waiū Manahautū (CEO) Sam Mikaere. “Partnering with Miraka gives us the opportunity to grow our businesses together, underpinned by the concepts of manaakitanga (support) and tuakana-teina (reciprocal learning / mentoring). It’s a pivotal moment for the Māori dairy industry, and we’re looking forward to seeing where this will lead in the future” says Sam.

All three businesses have a strong innovation and environmental focus and both Miraka and Waiū Dairy use geothermal energy to power their dairy processing plants, significantly reducing the environmental impact of production. The partnerships will increase production efficiencies by utilising spare capacity within each of the three processing plants to produce specialty dairy products.

About Miraka

Located 30km northwest of Taupō, Miraka uses renewable geothermal energy to generate over 300 million litres of premium milk products each year. Miraka is owned by a group of Māori trusts and incorporations, and sources milk from almost 100 farms in the Central North Island region. The company’s founding shareholders include Wairarapa Moana Incorporation and Tuaropaki Trust.

The Miraka industry-leading Te Ara Miraka Farming Excellence Programme financially incentivises Miraka farmers to achieve world-class standards in sustainable land and water management, animal welfare, and premium quality milk.

About Pāmu

Pāmu is the brand name for Landcorp, a Stated Owned Enterprise, and one of New Zealand’s most innovative farmers and food businesses. It is also the name given to the quality products created by the company. Pāmu is the Māori word ‘to farm’ and reflects the deep connection New Zealanders have with the land, born from respect, and a genuine desire to protect and enhance the environments in which the company works. It’s a proud provenance that stands behind every product bearing the Pāmu name.

About Waiū

Waiū Dairy is a collaboration of 11 Māori businesses and family-owned Japanese business Imanaka. Based in Kawerau, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, the dairy processor exports products to North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Their dairy plant is powered by geothermal energy and the company is supplied by farms located in close proximity to the factory.