Restaurant quality venison is now available for delivery to Kiwi home chefs with the launch of a new product by Duncan Venison NZ and Landcorp.

Landcorp’s Pāmu venison is currently distributed to restaurants in the United States and France, but from tomorrow, July 1, it can be delivered to homes through the Duncan website. It is also supplied to exclusive New Zealand restaurants via Carve Meat Co Distributors.

This is the first time any product from Landcorp’s premium Pāmu brand has been available domestically – and includes an innovative and new cut of meat, the Pāmu Bistro Fillet.

Landcorp chief executive Steven Carden says the launch of a domestic Pāmu product is an important step in Landcorp’s business strategy of diversification and moving further up the value chain.

“Our strategy is to work with partners who are developing innovative new food products for specific markets, both here in NZ and overseas. Our job is then to produce that food with the utmost care and to the highest standards across all of our farms. The Pāmu brand allows us to connect directly with the people eating our products. None of that can happen without the sort of partnership we have with Duncan Venison.

“First they helped us to enter niche international markets, and now we have some product available at home. We’re excited to have our products available for the first time in New Zealand and to have the Pāmu brand on display.”

Vinnie Duncan from Duncan Venison says they wanted to create a special product - so they went to the people who were expert in cutting and cooking it. “The Pāmu Bistro Fillet was developed in a unique way, involving a group of prominent chefs.”

In April, Duncan was looking into new venison cuts. In conjunction with Carve Meat, who distribute high-end products, they invited a number of chefs to their home to conduct a cooking and eating trial. “It was a great process – we had a lot of fun. Accessing the knowledge and expertise of those people who work with great products every day, and who really understand what the customer wants
means that at the end of it we came out with something pretty special – a cut that’s tender, easy to cook and tasty.”

The new top quality cut – the Pāmu Bistro Fillet - is easy to prepare and ready for immediate cooking. Vinnie says Pāmu venison is restaurant quality meat rarely available to the home chef. “There’s dedication to a high quality product through every part of the process from pasture to plate. “And it’s the ultimate healthy food, with twice as much iron as beef, and less fat than skinless chicken.”

Ms Duncan says her business have partnered with Landcorp’s Pāmu farms because of the consistent quality of the product and a shared philosophy. “Their venison is finished to the highest standard, by a group of New Zealand farmers who care passionately about their land and animals. It’s a pleasure to partner with people who have the same vision and belief that we do. We want to create a sustainable future for the venison industry through thoughtful farming.”

Pāmu venison products can be purchased from from Friday. The boxed product comes in two options for home delivery - a gourmet ($149) or family pack ($109) - and includes a selection of cuts such as Pāmu Bistro Fillets, Shortloins and Premium Mince.

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